Our People

Mark Anthony De Leon
Assistant Manager

  • mdeleon@ardentadvisory.com
  • Abu Dhabi


  • Mark is a Certified Public Accountant (Philippines) with 5 years of experience in Internal and External Audits, Agreed-Upon Procedures, Financial Due Diligence and Financial Accounting and Reporting.
  • Prior to ARDENT, Mark was an Associate with External Audit Function in one of the Big 4 Accounting firms.


  • Conducted Agreed-upon procedures for various entities within UAE for specific ICV, ADLC and ETIP program launched by ADNOC and DED. Such procedures include but are not limited to the review of the audited financial statements, sample testing and inspection of supporting documents, as well as the review of accounting records and reconciliations prepared by the client management to ensure the correctness of the financial information being attested.
  • Assisted the client in determining the areas where they can improve their ICV/ADLC Scores by communicating with them the results of the previous ICV/ADLC Certifications. These areas are important for the client in order for them to finalize their ICV/ADLC Improvement Plan for the next 5 years.
  • Performed various financial audits for companies in diverse industries, such as holding company, a mutual fund and a local Branch of a Foreign Bank, in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and prepared financial statements in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for statutory audits
  • Assisted in financial due diligence and valuation of Sudan-based gold mining company having a turnover of around 100 million Euros for a M&A transaction. In this engagement, Mark was required to analyze financial and operational results of targets through the preparation of various analyses by reviewing accounting records and conducting interviews with management, including finance and operations. Assist management in identifying pre/post-acquisition issues.