Our People

Oula El Omari

  • oelomari@ardentadvisory.com
  • Abu Dhabi


Oula has graduated from Abu Dhabi University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration majored in Finance with minor of Marketing. She has an experience counted for around 7 years in the Finance field.

Prior to ARDENT, she has worked for Grant Thornton for 2 years in their External Audit practice.


  • Oula has performed Agreed-upon procedures for various entities within UAE for specific ICV, and ETIP program launched by ADNOC and DED. Such procedures include but are not limited to the review of the audited financial statements, sample testing and inspection of supporting documents, as well as the review of accounting records and reconciliations prepared by the client management to ensure the correctness of the financial information being attested.
  • Prior to joining Ardent, Oula has worked and helped in the year end audits, prepared financial statements for several sectors such as insurance companies and governments. She also joined the teams to work on ADAA resolutions. She was also assigned as a Project Manager to work on a process re-engineering and documentation for one of the Investment Companies in UAE.
  • She has worked on process re-engineering projects. She helped in gathering the required information for testing and analysis by conducting interviews and meetings with the process owner and process approver. She also did the analysis and prepared full report and presentation of the final result.
  • She has also worked in Trade Finance department and supported the back office on trade finance products (local and foreign LGs) by processing the transactions and ensure that it is completed in accordance to related international rules and practice as well.