Our People

Mekha Rachel Shibu

  • mshibu@ardentadvisory.com
  • Abu Dhabi


Mekha is a Certified Management Accountant & Certified Fraud Examiner with 4+ years of experience in Risk Advisory and Forensics services

Prior to ARDENT, Mekha has worked with two of the Big 4 firms in India in the Risk Advisory and Forensics & Integrity Services team performing multiple engagements in Fraud Risk Assessments, Fraud investigations and Digital Forensics, Compliance and Due Diligence, Development of Policies & Procedures, and Internal Audit.


Risk Advisory/Forensic & Integrity Services

  • Mekha has gained experience in industries such as Automotive, Real estate, Food and beverage, Aviation sector and Facilities Management.
  • Mekha proactively reviewed fraud risk assessment to detect potential fraud in asset misappropriation, financial reporting, regulatory compliance areas and illicit acts of employees by data extraction, analysis, and management reporting. Prepared in-depth fraud case narratives which support incident reporting, subpoenas and human resource policies and police reports.
  • Mekha has performed multiple fraud investigations involving whistle-blower allegations of kickbacks received by the procurement team. The procedure involved review of forensic computer image of the employees potentially involved including email reviews and raw data review, background check and market intelligence, transaction testing and public domain searches for corroborative evidence. Based on the gathered evidence, custodians were interrogated and terminated.
  • Mekha assisted in the implementation of vendor risk assessment project for including verification of the authenticity of vendor existence, legitimacy of vendor documents provided, training given to key personnel on Anti Bribery Anti-Corruption laws and regulations.
  • For internal audit assignments, Mekha has reviewed of the existing Policies and Procedures, assessed the internal control framework of organizations, performed process walkthrough with the process owners, identified control gaps in current practices within the functions and processes, assess risks and analyze existing controls and developed a risk control matrix to mitigate the risks and provided recommendations to improve the current practice.
  • She has reviewed the various contracts awarded to the vendors in a large facilities management company, ascertaining the type of contracts and verified the adequacy of the tendering process in awarding the contract. Reviewed the scope of services and the costing sheet, payment terms and the change/variation order terms and conditions. Oversaw the project costs and budgets and the controls in place for contract monitoring and administration. She also reviewed the contract handover and termination clauses, wherever applicable.
  • She assisted in drafting Gifts & Entertainment policy and Code of Conduct for an Indian engineering company that operates in the sectors of Agri-machinery and construction.
  • Mekha also executed verification of the lawsuit filed against vendors, status of the case, internal and external stakeholders, managing Project Management Office, conducting weekly status update meeting, follow up with multiple stakeholders, and managing client expectation.
  • For ICV engagements, Mekha has conducted Agreed-upon procedures for various entities within UAE for specific ICV launched by ADNOC. Such procedures include but are not limited to the review of the audited financial statements, sample testing and inspection of supporting documents, as well as the review of accounting records and reconciliations prepared by the client management to ensure the correctness of the financial information being attested.