Our People

Ibrahim Mihdawi

  • imihdawi@ardentadvisroy.com
  • Abu Dhabi


Ibrahim is an internal auditor with 8+ years of experience in different fields, versatile and confident finance profession. 

Experienced in internal audit, risk management, accounting, external audit and data analysis, Ibrahim has exposure across multiple sectors such as a senior accountant in construction & media sectors also as an external auditor for 2 years and as an internal auditor in the present. he has excellent skills in Microsoft Office, specifically in Excel, Word and PowerPoint. he is a fast learner and have made significant contributions while assisting the team to achieve engagement objectives. 


As an Internal Auditor,  

  • Ibrahim has carried out a full audit of an organization, including accessing risk and taking the necessary risk management steps. 
  • Also, he ensured control management regarding financial reliability and compliance by making sure that directions and regulations are strictly adhered to. 
  • Assist to document the audit process and prepares audit findings. 
  • Assist to do a follow-up on the audit assignments giving to other auditors. 
  • Strive to continuously develop knowledge in the sector regarding rules, regulations, best practices, techniques, and performance standards. 
  • Check all accounting process and clients’ databases. 
  • help to review and proffer solution to internal audit issues.  
  • check and verify all accounting books and records in conformity with industry standards, best practices, and corporate guidelines,  
  • ensure total compliance with regulatory guidelines and internationally accepted auditing standards. 
  • participate in meetings with different departments to update audit findings and improve on the audit process. 
  • work in a team to achieve the aims and objectives of the company or organization. 
  • recommend the best and proven ways for an organization or company to avoid fraud and reduce risks.  
  • do a thorough analysis of the audit reports to find out ways how the organization can make more profits and reduce lost. 


Prior Experience

  • Ibrahim was the responsible of all finance department activities (established finance department internal & external workflow, purchases processes, invoices records, fixed assets, expenses, payables & receivables, general ledger, VAT, budget, bank reconciliation, end of service, vendors report, generate reports for operational expenses & account variances, internal audit reports, external audit) in TV Channel for 4 years. 
  • Early in his career, Ibrahim has prepared monthly accounts using QuickBooks, for an engineering company based in UAE. he has Plans, organizes, manages, and controls the daily accounting operations and analyse financial data to prepare financial reports and prepare budget forecasts also he was the responsible on preparing of internal reports for the partners. 
  • As an external auditor he has applied different audit procedures, Planned Audit, Accreditation Audit, as assigned by the Team Lead, send expert resource request to respective expert department, upon approval by Team Leader, and receive confirmation and expert opinion on, Issues such as Tariff, Valuation, Origin, Investigation and Legal, Prepare the draft audit report with all evidence and audit findings, based on the outcomes of the audit to send for review for legal position. 
  • He has performed substantive tests including analytical procedures and test of details for multiple financial statement items and has reported key findings along with providing recommendations. he has drafted financial statements while constantly applying relevant International Accounting Standards (IASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) for many companies (including listed).