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Heena Moorpana

  • hmoorpana@ardentadvisory.com
  • Dubai


Heena Moorpana is a Finance postgraduate having over 3 years of experience in Management Consultancy, Strategy, Risk Management, Project Management, Policies & Procedures and Audit.  

Prior to joining Ardent, Heena has worked with Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche in India and UAE respectively. 



Service Line/ Product Expertise/ Industry 

  • As part of one of the management consulting engagements, Heena was responsible to understand end-to-end procurement process of a client and develop a procurement fraud risk model to flag any anomalies in the procurement process or vendor transactions. 
  • As per of her other management consulting engagements, Heena was responsible for developing as-is processes, identifying gaps in the processes and providing process improvements (gap analysis), aligning the processes to the best practice and developing governance framework for Finance and Procurement functions. 
  • As part of one of the PMO engagements, Heena was responsible to prepare Gantt Charts and Smartsheets to plan, organize and monitor completion of specific projects, keeping in consideration the timelines, budget, and scope, and highlighting the issues, whenever necessary. 
  • Heena has built strategies for one of the biggest hospital chains in the UAE. As per of the engagement, Heena was responsible to understand the finance, procurement and supply chain processes of the clients and built strategies related to vendor contracts, inventory management, demand planning and key performance indicators. She also designed multiple dashboards and models to highlight client’s current process vs optimized process and potential savings.  
  • Heena was a part of multiple finance and strategy engagements and has developed budgets and forecasts, financial plans, growth strategies and cost optimization strategies. 
  • Heena has performed various audit assignments for Electrical, Mechanical, Pharmaceutical, Automobile, and FMCG sectors.